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Welcome to Free Spirit

e are a small nursery that is proud to operate as a 'traditional' nursery. We not only grow but also propagate 90+% of the plants we sell on our property. We do not use mass production technologies.

All our plants and mother stock are grown in garden loam or in containers with a composted bark as a base medium. We vegetatively propagate all our named varieties. Seed propagation is only used for true species or with the intent to create variety.

Except for a minimum amount of quality slow release fertilizers for the containers and about 3 applications of the nature-friendly Safer's slug and snail bait , no chemical herbicides or pesticides are being used. All weeds are picked by hand and pests are controlled with appropriate organic methods. Toads are still roaming the greenhouses and borders, tree frogs croak from the oddest locations and scores of birds, bees and butterflies add extra value and interest to the gardening experience.

At the nursery we show and share dynamic planting schemes in which not only color and flowering time play a role but more so the character, texture and flower shapes in order to create a garden that continuously changes under the influence of light, wind, precipitation and time, demanding different levels of appreciation from the viewer.

Opening Times

The nursery will reopen on Saturday, April 1, 2017

The 2017 Assortment List, 2017 garden walks and calendar

will be posted in the second part of March 2017.

Calendar of Events 2017

Visits at all other times by appointment only. Group visits: We welcome any garden or plant related club, group or society. A visit to the nursery and possibly a guided walk of the gardens should be arranged for in advance and will usually be accommodated on a day the nursery is closed to the general public. The minimum group size is 10 people.

20405 32 Avenue Langley, B.C. V2Z 2C7
Telephone: 1-604-533-7373 Fax: 1-604-530-3776


Where to find us:

Directions: From Cloverdale, Langley City (No. 1 Hwy, Fraser Highway, No. 10 Highway): follow 176 St., 192 St., or 200 St. south, turn left on 32nd Ave., and look for our sign at the 204 St. intersection.

From Hwy. 99: take the custom-made 32nd Ave/152 St. exit (Exit #8b). At the first light take a left (32nd Ave. East), you cross 152 St. and you are on 32nd Avenue. Stay on 32nd for about 10 1/2 km. (6 1/2 mi.) and look for our sign at the 204 St. intersection.